Critics and audiences LOVE THE MIRACLE OF LONG JOHNS! 

Here’s what they’ve said about the show:


“85 minutes of pure genius, laughter and great stories. . . a fine and delicate sense of humor. . . The audience loved it and laughed during the whole performance.  A great stage presence with a show-stopper quality made [the] full-of-energy evening unforgettable.”
– Eric Michel, critic,, NYC, 10/15. Read the full review here: CultureNews


“David Lefkowitz’s The Miracle of Long Johns is a hilarious and touching tour de force. Lefkowitz’s memory of his most embarrassing night as a theater critic will have you in stitches.”
– Iris Dorbian, journalist and author of “Great Producers: Visionaries of American Theater,” NYC, 10/15


“The whirling dervish is back.  Lefkowitz [goes] where very few performers go, other than the late, great George Carlin . . . the theater audience rollicks with laughter.”
– Ed Rubin, critic, New York Theater Wire &, NYC, 10/15 (click to read the full review!)


“A great storyteller!”
– Philip Roger Roy, producer, NYC, 4/16


“Brilliantly written, masterfully performed, magically reminiscent, and . . . delightful entertainment.”
– Gil Moon, host, KFKA NewsTalk Radio, CO, 3/16


“The show . . . won the award for Best Non-Fiction Script; it deserved the accolade.  The greatest strength of the show is Lefkowitz’s wit, which is supported and enhanced by his command of the English language.  I learned that he is hopeful of finding a  producer to take this show on.  I genuinely hope he succeeds.”
– Jeff Myhre, critic, New York Theater Guide, NYC, 4/16.  Read the full review here:  NY Theater Guide


“An audacious play filled with the unexpected. A wonderful performer, and I had a good time.”
– Simon Saltzman, theater critic & Outer Critics Circle president, NYC 4/16


“A critic’s ultimate catastrophe–and what a laughable leveler it is!  Actors will revel.”
– Harry Haun, theater journalist, NYC, 10/15


“I laughed so hard, I split my long johns!”
– Al Hunter, actor, NYC, 10/15 


“A confession that is intimate and unusual!”
– Mario Fratti, American Oggi, NYC, 4/16


“An engaging personality and breezy stage presence, and he does have a certain poetical turn of phrase.  Happy face for the performer!”
– Eva Heinemann, critic, Hi! Drama, NYC, 10/15 


“Definitely a situation that anyone can relate to.”
– Mark Savitt, critic, Hi! Drama, NYC, 10/15 


“***3/4! A hilarious and kind of deep tale . . . I sat between a 50-something-year-old grandmother and a high school boy.  Both of them were rolling, as I was . . .”
Gail K., Boulder Fringe audience member (click to read the full review!)


“I thought the play was brilliant. The writing was great and very tight, and the delivery was superb — in a funny but also friendly way.”
– Moshe Machlev, audience member, CO, 3/16


“You certainly will be able to relate, and you’re certain to explode with laughter.”
– Bob Johnson, producer, 4/16/16


“This is an awesome show and truly cathartic experience! My sides were splitting with laughter. A really moving experience.”
-Daniel Jennings, audience member, NYC, 4/16


“Clever writing, a delightful storyline, and polished delivery provided us gratifying insight into the dynamics of theater critics and performers.”
– Mil Goetz, audience member CO, 3/16   


“Thoroughly LOVED the show!  I hope my loud laughter and snorting let you know how much I enjoyed it!  Would HIGHLY recommend for anyone to see!!!!
– Julie Jensen, audience member, CO, 4/16 

“A wonderfully talented and gifted storyteller, Mr. Lefkowitz presented a personal yet deeply relatable story that brought out the kind of uncontrollable laughter that resonates from deep within your soul.  One of the best 90 minutes I’ve spent in the theater in a while!!”
– Juliet F., audience member, CO, 4/16 


“Great time!  David Lefkowitz will show you how important long johns are!  Laugh out loud.”
– Laira Z., audience member, CO, 4/16 


“The Miracle of Long Johns was like going to a hangout party and hearing a new friend tell the story of something that was really very unfortunate . . . and hilarious.  I was entertained.”
– Lisa A., audience member, CO, 4/16 


“A hilarious and kind of deep tale of a professional appreciator.  I sat between a 50-something-year-old grandmother and a high school boy, and both of them were rolling, as I was.  Such a lovely love letter to the theater.”
– Gail S., audience member, CO, 9/15 


“An awesome show!!  Don’t forget your tissue, you just might need it — to wipe your laughing tears!!!”
– Ronda T., audience member, NYC, 4/16


“Got the greatest LAUGHING cramps!”
– Debra and Bobby O., audience members, NYC, 10/15 


“Very original, well-paced, and just plain fun!”
– Joyce Jerke, audience member, CO, 3/16


“Cracked me up! I’m a big fan of people who can poke fun at themselves, and I was exposed to a new perspective. Thanks for the fun!”
– Stan Axtell, audience member, CO, 4/16


“So very well and cleverly written and wonderfully performed! I can certainly understand why it has won prestigious solo-performance awards!”
– Corny Dietz, audience member, CO, 3/16


“Fantastic!  A one-of-a-kind, one-man miracle that had me laughing from beginning to end–literally!”
– Stefanie S., audience member, NYC, 10/15 


“A very funny, well-performed monologue that had me in suspense.  The incredible atmosphere made it like the performer was talking directly to me and a group of our friends over a drink at the bar.”
– Adam Sheflin, audience member, NYC, 10/15


“Laughed so hard, I almost had to write my own sequel.”
– Adam Pinkow, audience member, NYC, 10/15 


“I laughed so hard, I embarrassed my husband.”
– Marni Rosenblum, audience member, NYC, 10/15